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The Problem
We’ve all heard the old saying about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Well, unfortunately, that’s where most home-
owners find themselves when they decide to move from one home to another.

The Real Estate Catch 22 

You see, if you buy before selling, you could run the risk of owning two homes. Or, just as bad, if you sell first, you could end up homeless. That’s what is known as the Real Estate Catch 22, and for thousands of homeowners, it’s an extremely stressful position they find themselves in.

How to Avoid The Real Estate Catch 22

This financial and emotional tightrope is one many homeowners
feel they have to walk alone. However, you should seek out agents offering specialized programs that can eliminate the stress and worry associated with selling and buying another home.

The biggest dilemma when considering purchasing another home is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky be-
cause you could end up owning two homes or no home at all. Let’s face it, the real estate market has become a tough environment for buyers and sellers alike. The fact is that it’s more difficult to get homes sold today and therefore it’s essential that real estate agents look for new and innovative ways to meet the demands of the market.


A new and innovative program that some agents offer actually guarantees the sale of your home and takes away all of the worry
and stress associated with selling and buying another home.

1. Your agent will prepare a total market analysis including a computerized print-out of all comparable home sales and listings in your area.

2. With this information you and your agent can determine a market value for your home.

3. This establishes your guaranteed price and list price which you will receive up front (in writing) before your home is marketed.

4. You are doubly protected because you know that your home will sell for the guaranteed price. However if you receive an offer from an outside buyer for more than the guarantee price you get the higher offer.

5. You can confidently look for your next home and immediately place a firm cash offer (not a conditional one) when you find a
home you like because you know the minimum that your home will sell for and when you can expect to receive the money from
it’s sale.

6. This service eliminates the usual stress and worry (the emotional roller coaster ride) of whether to buy first or sell first so you can avoid the risk of getting stuck with two homes or no home at all.