Unlocking the Mystery of Labor Day: Our September Newsletter

With September upon us, anticipation is building for our latest newsletter – and we're here to give you a sneak peek that will leave you craving more. Before we unveil the intriguing content, let's take a moment to reflect on the curious history of Labor Day.

Ever wondered why it's called "Labor" Day when it's meant to be a day of rest? Shouldn't it be "Relax Day" or "Lazy Day"? As it turns out, there's a captivating backstory behind this choice of name.

Back in the 1830s, manufacturing workers endured punishing 70-hour workweeks. Roll the clock forward to 1890, and even though hours had improved slightly, the average factory worker was still clocking in 60 hours each week. It's a stark contrast to today's work-life balance.

But here's the twist: Did you know that many politicians and business owners actually supported the idea of giving workers more leisure time? Why, you ask? Well, because they realized that when workers had free time, they could spend their hard-earned wages on travel, entertainment, or dining out – boosting both the economy and the quality of life for everyone.

Now, back to the present! We've got some exciting news to share that's all about laboring for a cause. Drumroll, please...

Our team is gearing up to continue our mission of helping you and your loved ones with your real estate needs. We're on a quest to assist as many people as possible so we can make an even bigger impact on the world.

As you might know, we are committed to giving back to the community, and this month, we're supporting the incredible Tim Tebow Foundation. This nonprofit, founded by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, is dedicated to identifying and rescuing children suffering from sexual abuse and torture, with some even being victims at the hands of family members.

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