Beyond Real Estate: The Impact of Well Wishes on Global Clean Water Access

Well Wishes: Clean International's Global Water Initiative

Did you know that a significant portion of water projects globally are not operational? Approximately one-third of all water projects are no longer functioning, leaving communities without access to clean water and forcing individuals, often women, and children, to walk for hours to collect water that is often contaminated with disease and parasites.

Clean International's Well Wishes program is working to change this by repairing broken pumps and wells on a global scale, providing local teams with the tools and knowledge they need to fix broken wells, and giving communities, schools, hospitals, and churches in need access to clean water.

The Global Water Crisis and Well Wishes

One of the main issues contributing to the global water crisis is water scarcity, which leads to the daily walk for water. This means that community members, often women and children, walk for hours to obtain water for their families. However, the water they collect is often contaminated with disease and parasites, and the time spent collecting it prevents many people from receiving an education or making a living.

Access to clean water from locally dug wells with hand pumps is one solution to this problem. The construction and maintenance of these wells are crucial for improving the quality of life around the world. Clean International aims to give communities the means and resources to fix and maintain wells now and in the future.

How Well Wishes Works

To repair a pump or well, the community first shares their request for a new well. Then, community members and local teams are trained to repair the wells, and donors are found to fund the repairs. After a well is repaired, local community members have access to clean water and no longer have to walk for dirty water. Clean International also provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance for all of the repaired wells.

Clean International's Impact and Partnerships

One of Clean International's current partnerships is with HTSCongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they are working village by village to repair wells and improve the lives of those in need. To stay updated on the Well Wishes program and learn about opportunities to get involved, follow Clean International on social media or sign up for their monthly email updates. If you or your group is interested in partnering with Clean International, you can email them at [email protected].

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